Cannot use QueryAsset with Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)

@HaebichanGX, for what it’s worth the problem is in sqlalchemy_batch_data. I replaced the code for temp table gen with this:

    elif dialect == GXSqlDialect.MSSQL:
        # Insert "into #{temp_table_name}" in the custom sql query right before the "from" clause
        # Split is case-sensitive so detect case.
        # Note: transforming query to uppercase/lowercase has unintended consequences (i.e.,
        # changing column names), so this is not an option!
        # noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences
        if isinstance(query, sa.dialects.mssql.base.MSSQLCompiler):
            query = query.string  # extracting string from MSSQLCompiler object

        querymod = query.split("*", maxsplit=1)
        stmt = f"{querymod[0]} * into {{temp_table_name}} {querymod[1]}".format(

I don’t think that’ll be the permanent fix, but I can run expectations with it in place