Multi Batch expectations?

Hey guys I’m generally new to GE, seen a bunch of webinars and read the docs, my problem is trying to compare metrics between 2 different tables (yesterday’s and today’s data), for example:

  • distinct values diff on a column
  • the null % of a column between tables
  • and basically any other result such as X% values were out of [range,set]

would be great if someone could help to shed some light on that, I’ve seen a reference to something called “multi-batch” but couldnt really get that to work


Multi-batch Expectations are on our roadmap, but are not implemented yet. Once they exist, it will be possible to express tests like this one: if you have a table of invoices, you can test if the number of invoices today was within x% of the mean count of the last 10 days.

Your case might be possible without waiting for multi-batch. If you are comparing two tables, check out the write-up of a workflow that does it: