Recency test

Hi there,
I’m new to GX and GX cloud, I’ve manage to successfully install the agent and connect to my database.

However it’s not clear to me how to create a recency test (e.g. 1000 records in the last hour). I’ve seen the expect_table_row_count_to_be_between expectations, but it’s not clear if the max can be set blank and how to add the time component to it (e.g. last hour).

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @ricardoekm,

The best approach here would be to first create a view that contains any records created within the last hour and then create an expect_table_row_count_to_be_between Expectation with a min value of 1000 (leaving the max value as blank is fine). Please let me know if you need any clarification on this or further assistance.

Hi @ricardoekm, I just wanted to follow up here. Did this suggestion accomplish what you intended?