Bug in checkpoint.py

when I am applying 3 validations in one checkpoint and then running them but when I am running it , it is giving me mixup in data asset name
all validations data asset name is same…

for all expectation suite run_results response happens to have same data_Asset_name even if table name is different

so for
validations_forecast_past_7_days = create_query_validations(
query=f"select * from {forecasts_table} where date >= current_timestamp - interval ‘7 days’",
data_asset_name=“forecasts in past 7 days”,

validations_forecast_metrics = create_inferred_validations(


validations_forecast_no_metrics = create_inferred_validations(
validations = (

+ validations_forecast_metrics
+ validations_forecast_no_metrics


checkpoint = create_checkpoint(name=“forecast_output”, validations=validations)

I am getting in result same data asset name for all the 3 validation name and ideally it should be unique

Actually i am making a checkpoint - it has three validations , and in both of the validations but different batchrequests(column headings are same but content different) .On doing checkpoint.run() ,even though I have three validations in the checkpoint , i am only able to see the data_asset_name of the of latest validation (out of the three validations)
Note: @Shaan Gupta originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.