Can a single expectation suite contain multiple tables with different expectations for different tables

I want to run GE against snowflake tables in a DB can i have one suite that specifies a expectation for a particular table.

Hi @lionel great to have you on Discourse. So the short answer is no. If you have multiple independent tables with their own independent expectations, you can’t have one expectation suite facilitate that relationship. You would need one expectation suite per expectation and pair that suite with your table loaded in an individual batch request. You can do this under a validations list:

validations = [
    {"batch_request": table1_br, "expectation_suite_name": "es1"},
  {"batch_request": table2_br, "expectation_suite_name": "es2"},

If you want to apply multiple expectations for one table loaded in a batch request, this is possible through the following code:

from great_expectations.core.expectation_configuration import ExpectationConfiguration

ec = ExpectationConfiguration(
    kwargs={"column": "passenger_count"},

ec2 = ExpectationConfiguration(
    kwargs={"column": "Name"},

suite = context.add_expectation_suite(
    expectation_suite_name="example_suite", expectations=[ec,ec2]