Can I embed Great Expectations in another Application?

What if I want Great Expectations to run inside of an existing application? For example, if I want it to run within a Dag Runner like Dagster or Airflow, or inside a platform like Ascend, or even inside a proprietary Data Quality Application, is it possible?

Some of the next order follow on questions include the following:

  1. Can we access the expectation library in a store so they can be called from another application?
  2. Can we invoke Great Expectations as a function inside another application?
  3. Can we output validation results inside another application?

Yes, many teams run Great Expectations inside pipeline execution/DAG runners.

Here is an example that shows how to run it inside Airflow: It addresses your questions.
ease see the Airflow example.

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We also recently made a guide on Deploying Great Expectations with Airflow which you can find here: