Date_format as dict in add_csv_asset PandasDataAsset


I am trying to read a csv using the method ‘add_csv_asset’ for a data source created using a ephemeral data context, where the data asset is created by using this “context.sources.add_or_update_pandas(name=“test”)”.

when I subsequently run this command on the data asset:

add_csv_asset(, filepath_or_buffer=filepath, sep=sep, encoding=encoding, **params)

where in params I have expressed ‘date_format’ as a dictionary of col_name: string format for date

I get a pydantic validation error:

pydantic.v1.error_wrappers.ValidationError: 1 validation error for CSVAsset
str type expected (type=type_error.str)

If I try to read the csv with exact same parameters with pandas.read_csv() it works fine.

why is that? I expected from documentation that you implemented exactly the read_csv method from pandas. Thank you very much!