Different result format per validation in checkpoint


I think I have a question about configuring the result_format of an expectation suite within a checkpoint

I have the following usecase:

  • Within 1 checkpoint, I have a list of validations
  • Each validation points to a different datasource/asset
  • I want to specify the result format per validation
  • More specifically, I want to dynamically add index columns per validation (example below)
    "result_format": {
        "result_format": "COMPLETE",
        "unexpected_index_column_names": < Different columns per validation >,
        "return_unexpected_index_query" : True, 
        "partial_unexpected_count" : 10,
        "exclude_unexpected_values" : True

I see following symptoms:

  • When I create a checkpoint with 1 validation, the checkpoint result shows my specified list of index columns in the validated expectation_suite
  • When I create a checkpoint with multiple validations, no index columns are shown, altough I have specified the result_format per expectation_suite
  • I think it has something to do with the docs: "(…) When configured at the Expectation-level, the configuration is not persisted, (…) ". However, I’m not really sure what persisted means in this docs.

Any help on how to tackle my usecase is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @eli.lauwers, thanks for your question! Welcome to the GX community.

You can’t currently configure results_format on a per-validation basis in a Checkpoint - result_format can only be set at the Checkpoint level using the runtime_configuration argument.

If you want to configure different result_format specs for different validations, you’ll need to create separate Checkpoints for your validations, each configured using your desired results_format setting.