Docs need to arrange Core Concepts in a logical workflow

I am at Getting started with Great Expectations | Great Expectations

It has this list

I am trying to understand the workflow. But these seem to be in an alphabetical order instead of a logical order which will help in understanding the workflow.

Currently the first sentence of Checkpoints and action at

The batch.validate() method evaluates one Batch of data against one Expectation Suite and returns a dictionary of Validation Results.

To a person totally new to great expectations that makes no sense. I guess it should be Data Context as the first one. Can you please suggest the correct sequence in which to read to make sense of the workflow?

I already went through this great_expectations/ at develop · great-expectations/great_expectations · GitHub

It does not help me understand how to run a checkpoint after going through the tutorial. Should I be storing checkpoint somewhere? Is there a CLI which I can use to run this checkpoint without the notebook?

I went through these commands to create checkpoint.

great_expectations --v3-api init
great_expectations --v3-api datasource new
great_expectations --v3-api suite new
great_expectations --v3-api checkpoint new my_checkpoint

But how do I run it without the notebooks?