Documenting Column Description

Is there a way to display the column description against each column? Inside the “meta” > “column” the description is not displaying anything in data docs.

For e.g.

"last_visited": {
        "description": "Last visited date and timestamp."

I understand the notes inside meta for each expectation can be rendered in the UI. But how to do it for column level (mostly as a data catalogue or data dictionary)

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This how-to guide shows how to add comments to any expectations and have them rendered in Data Docs:

You can use this feature to add the description of a column. As a convention, we usually attach column description to the expect_column_to_exist expectation:

“notes”: {
“format”: “markdown”,
“content”: [
“Example notes about this column. Markdown Supported.”,
“Second example of a note about this column with Markdown”,

Please note that the comments are rendered only on the Expectation Suite pages, but not on the Validation Results ones. If this is important to you, please add +1 to this GitHub issue:

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Yes, but how do you render the column level descriptions?

+1 to following up on this thread. Is there a way to render the column descriptions, independent of packaging the description in an expectation? The reply to this thread by @eugene.mandel mentions documenting the column in an expect_column_to_exist expectation by convention. Does that mean the description from “meta” > “column” isn’t intended to be rendered in the documentation? Thanks!