Error in expect_column_values_to_be_in_type_list for python 3.11

I’m trying to run GX checks on python 3.11 and it seems like function expect_column_values_to_be_in_type_list that was working on python 3.8 is not working in 3.11.

An issue has been found for pandas_dataframe.02_column_error:
  "kwargs": {
    "column": "id",
    "type_list": [
    "batch_id": "xxx"
  "ge_cloud_id": null,
  "expectation_type": "expect_column_values_to_be_in_type_list",
  "meta": {}
Detailed issue:
{'observed_value': 'int64'}
{'raised_exception': False, 'exception_traceback': None, 'exception_message': None}

Using GX version great-expectations==0.17.22
Can someone point me a direction where to look? I’ve already tried any things but there is no effect.
There was no change in GX tests except python and gx package upgrade (and some other dependant packages).

Hi @hk-ds I don’t seem to have this problem. That expectation is running fine on my end, just tried it out. I’m running python 3.11