I am trying to use expect_table_row_count_to_equal_other_table to define an expectation that compare the number of rows of two tables, but i can’t find the right syntax.

Can anybody help me please?

Here are some details

1 - the purpose: i am trying to figure out if all the rows of the table raw_dv_sch.a exist in the table gold_sch.b.

2- First i prepared my test in my checkpoint file:

  • batch_request:
    data_connector_name: default_runtime_data_connector_name
    data_asset_name: id_test_27
    query: |
    ge_27_1 as ( select distinct a_md5 from raw_dv_sch.a),
    ge_27_2 as (select distinct b_md5 from gold_sch.b)
    select ge_27_1.a_md5 from
    ge_27_1 inner join ge_27_2 ON ge_27_2.b_md5 = ge_27_1.a_md5 default_identifier_name: ge_27
    expectation_suite_name: test_5

3- then in my terminal i execute this command: great_expectations --v3-api suite edit test_5

4- knowing that raw_dv_sch.a has 80 rows and the table ge_27 has 70 rows

5- When i use this expectation function to compare the number of lines between my table ( the result of th query) and the table ge_27_1 :
batch.expect_table_row_count_to_equal_other_table (self= “ge_27”, other="ge_27_1 ")

i get this result:
“exception_info”: {
“raised_exception”: false,
“exception_traceback”: null,
“exception_message”: null
“success”: true,
“meta”: {},
“result”: {
“observed_value”: {
“self”: 70,
“other”: 70

I don’t understand the result and i am not sure if the syntaxe is correct or no !

Thank you in advance for your help