Failing Expectations are not evaluated and displayed

Hi there,

i followed the instructions in quickstart Quickstart | Great Expectations and changed the max_value in the second expectation:

validator.expect_column_values_to_be_between(    "passenger_count", min_value=1, max_value=4)

From my understanding this should lead to a failing expectation, which would then be displayed in the generated html. However, this expectation just completely disappears from the html document. Via debugger it seems to disappear at the step:

checkpoint_result =

This also happens for different data sources and different expectations, different numbers of expectations: as soon as the expectation would fail, it instead disappears.

Advice / Insights welcome. :slight_smile:

Operating system: Linux, Kernel 6.7.6
Version numbers: 0.18.10
Programming language: Python 3.11.7

Apparently i was interpreting the Doc wrong - it is default to discard failed expectations and in order to change that one needs to add a flag like so:


Hey @leehawk787 thanks raising this. We’ve updated our Quickstart to make this more obvious for future users: Quickstart | Great Expectations