Hi, I am new to Great Expectations. Please help in resolving 1 issue in Checkpoints creation


Create first checkpoint

my_checkpoint_config = f"“”
name: my_checkpoint
config_version: 1.0
class_name: SimpleCheckpoint

  • batch_request:
    datasource_name: example_datasource
    data_connector_name: default_runtime_data_connector_name
    data_asset_name: temptable
    index: -1
    expectation_suite_name: test_suite

CheckpointResult = context.run_checkpoint(

While running this code I am getting an error: -
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘C:\Users\mudit.kumar\great_expectations\checkpoints/my_checkpoint.yml’

I am creating each and every configuration from jupyter notebook . I think I need to save my checkpoint. Is there any inbuilt function available to save checkpoints for example :- to save expectations we can use validator.save_expectation_suite function. Or please let me know how to proceed and what I am doing wrong.
Any kind help is appreciated.
In the documentation at path :- great_expectations/how_to_create_a_new_checkpoint.rst at develop · great-expectations/great_expectations · GitHub
2c. Store your Checkpoint config.
Nothing has been mentioned.