How to add custom expectations on GX Cloud

Hi, I would like to add custom expectations on GX cloud, can you some help me on this.I see a documentation for adding custom expectation but in GX cloud we can’t access the great_expectations/plugins/expectations Use a Custom Expectation | Great Expectations

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In order to run custom expectations with GX Cloud, you will need to update your plugins directory using

import great_expectations as gx context = gx.get_context() #set plugin directory where you have the custom expectation python script context.save_config_variable(config_variable_name='plugins_directory', value='<YOUR_PLUGIN_DIRECTORY>')

Be sure to update the value to the location of your plugin directory.

When working with the expectation in interactive mode using the validator, you need to import the expectation
When running checkpoint, you need to import the expectation at runtime

Note, GX Cloud doesn’t fully support custom expectations at this time and may render in the Cloud UI as ‘unknown expectation type’.

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