How to collaborate with a team building custom expectations?

If we have a team of engineers that work together and they build domain specific custom expectations, how can we collaborate and use each other’s custom expectations without having to get them back in a new release before we can use them? Should we use plugins? Do we need to create a fork? What’s the workflow to be able to do this without running into version control issues or overwriting all our custom expectations when we pull down a new release of Great Expectations?

@abegong - I’ve heard a variation of this question from several companies. Can you help with sharing some of the optimal workflow patterns for this?

This how-to guide describes the process of authoring and using custom expectations:

You don’t have to create a fork or wait for a new release. Instead, you put the Python files with your custom expectations implementation in the plugins folder in your Great Expectations project.

That said, we welcome you contributing your new expectations back to the open source project, if you think they will be of value to other users.

Here’s an updated link: