How to create a renderer for a custom expectation

I’ve followed the docs How to Create Renderers for Custom Expectations but the result is still like that of an unrendered Expectation:

I’ve successfully created a custom Expectation:

I have a plugins/ file, which contains:

  • class MyCustomPandasDataset(PandasDataset):
    ** expect_multicolumn_to_satisfy_benefit_status_and_dates_condition
    ** _prescriptive_renderer (using the sample code in the docs for simple_string)
    ** _diagnostic_unexpected_statement_renderer (also using the sample code in the docs)

Then I ran great_expectations docs build, the Expectation is rendered using a basic default renderer.

Am I missing something?

Furthermore, in the given _prescriptive_renderer code, there’s an unresolved reference for Template; the IDE doesn’t give any hints. What should this be?