How to save a checkpoint with runtime_parameter:{"batch_data": pandasdataframe}

Hi I am trying to save a checkpoint and I am working with in memory dataframe (pandas)

Here is my batch request : -
batch_request = RuntimeBatchRequest(
data_asset_name=“largeDataAssets”, # This can be anything that identifies this data_asset for you
runtime_parameters={“batch_data”: temptable}, # df is your dataframe
batch_identifiers={“default_identifier_name”: “default_identifier”},

Here is my checkpoint configuration: -
my_checkpoint_config = {
“class_name”: “SimpleCheckpoint”,
“run_name_template”: “%Y%m%d-%H%M%S-my-run-name-template”,
“validations”: [
“batch_request”: {
“datasource_name”: “large__dir”,
“data_connector_name”: “default_runtime_data_connector_name”,
“data_asset_name”: “data_asset_name”,
“runtime_parameters”:{“batch_data”: temptable},
“batch_identifiers”:{“default_identifier_name”: “default_identifier”},
“expectation_suite_name”: “Ex_suite”

context.add_checkpoint(**my_checkpoint_config) ### not working kernel is stucking at this line… Is this a bug or what is the procedure to save a checkpoint