How to set Validation Results (e.g. Run Name, Run Time and Batch ID

Can I override the values for Run Time, Run Name and Batch ID on the Validation Results page of Data Docs? I’m trying to understand what object and what specific parameter name needs adjustment. Some of the posts seem to reference older versions of the API and don’t seem to be relevant for the latest version of the OSS version.

I am testing with Windows 11, Python 3.11.4 and GX 0.17.9

Hi @jgriffin, thanks for the question! Unfortunately, these column names cannot be configured at the moment. What’s the specific issue that you’re running into?

Referencing the graphic I’m thinking about how runs are organized. Clearly, I can search on Asset Name to narrow down the results. It looked like the API had advanced to a point where a RunIdentifier object was created. It appeared that RunIdentifer contained a run name and a run time. It appeared to me that those mapped nicely to the Run Name and Run Time.

There are old discourse articles talking about manipulating run name and run time where developers were setting the values. Then it looks like the RunIdentifier object came forward. I was looking for how to associate the RunIdentifier to my overall run. I’m not seeing a way to do that AND not seeing how doing that would be “realized” in the results.

I would love to share our use case as it seems like it could align carefully if the expectation suites and associated runs could be labeled appropriately. I can elaborate on why I was looking to “utilize” those columns. The data_docs work is impressive. Seems like an opportunity to leverage the structure you already have in place.