How to setup a General GX Product-based Workflow for recurring validation tests

Hi, I’m new to GX (OSS) and I’m wondering if there’s a general notion for how to structure a production setup for data contexts, data sources, and data assets for a particular product.

Like for a particular product that is built once a year, there are multiple output tables. I need to do some validation checks after the build process each year, and some of the checks would use different tables from the product build.

How would I structure this in GX? How do the terms Data Context, Data Source, and Data Asset (and maybe Batch) pertain to:

  • Creating a DQ area for this particular product (assuming other products would have their own areas for GX data quality validations)
  • Saving DQ results each year
  • Saving particular year’s numerous build tables that need to be used in the validation checks (expectations)