Is there a separate profiler which can be used to run on json data files

I am trying to run profiler on JSON data, however, i am not able to profile all the columns in JSON using the profiler
BasicSuiteBuilderProfiler().profile(batch, profiler_configuration=scaffold_config)

i understood with below link that with pandas we need to use read_json in data source, which helped in parsing json , however, the profiler is not working with all the columns in json if this is nested JSON, it is working with only one column

Configure datasource for json files - Support - Great Expectations

for example it is not working with contactRelations nested attribute which has partynumer and roleName in it
“associate”: “”,
“contactRelations”: [
" partynumer": “9999”,
“roleName”: “xyzz”

Also, is it possible to work with json data stored in database ?

@Garima93 read_json is not sufficient here. To convert the content of “nested” JSON columns you would have to do more conversion work. This StackOverflow post has a solution: python - Parsing a JSON string which was loaded from a CSV using Pandas - Stack Overflow

This has to be done before presenting the DataFrame to Great Expectations, as it can reason only on tabular data (at least currently).