Is there any plan to support GCP Serverless Dataproc as processing engine soon?

It would be nice to to have integration with GCP Serverless DataProc Spark, like AWS EMR Serverless. If not soon, can you provide some more straightforward work around besides configuring a DataProc on K8s? Thanks!

Hi @gx-user, welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out!

GX does not currently have plans to support integration with Google Cloud Dataproc Serverless. Our integration with AWS EMR Serverless in v0.15.50 was community-supported, and I expect that any future integration with Dataproc Serverless will be community-supported (vs. officially supported by GX) as well.

We appreciate you reaching out via Discourse - we’re working on growing our GX knowledge base here - however, in this case, I’d also suggest also reaching out the GX open source community on Slack (the #gx-community-support channel is a good place to start). We may have members who have successfully integrated GX with Google Cloud Dataproc Serverless and could provide guidance based on their experience.