Kedro-Great: How to migrate from GE 0.12 to 0.13?

Hello everyone!

I regularly use both Kedro and GE for my data pipelines as I find them great tools to keep my data and my data pipelines in check. To use GE, I usually resort to the Kedro-Great plugin. To benefit from the latest version of GE (0.13), I decided to create a PR to bring Kedro-Great up-to-date.
However, this was not a quick fix as I would have hoped for. I was wondering if anyone with good knowledge of GE could give me a hand here. I am struggling to see what needs to be changed since I only understood how to use GE, but not how it works under the hood. I would very much appreciate it!

Thx a lot,

The V3 API (introduced in 0.13) is still experimental. You can use our documentation to develop your PR (the guides usually have two tabs for the two API versions). We are planning to reach out to the Kedro team about updating the integration.

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Hi @eugene.mandel,

Many thanks for reaching out! I will dig into the mentionned docs over the WE and see if I can fix this :slight_smile: