Unable to see profiled stats on data docs

I have been manually doing profiling on dataset using data assistant but after building the docs i can see tabs for expectations suites and validation result but no tab to view profiling info
Environment - databricks

As far as I know, Data Docs are only intended for showing the Expectation Suites and validation results.

Looking through the documentation, I don’t see such feature being mentioned there either.

Link to docs: Data Docs | Great Expectations

What kind of profiling report are you looking for?

Hi @ToivoMattila , i saw in many legacy documentations with data docs having profiling data. In the current documentation its is mention that in great expectation yaml file we can control the output of data doc by choosing what to display among the three

Yes! You are correct, apologies.
I have no idea how I missed it last time but even the documentation that I linked clearly states that Data Docs supports profiling.

I found documentation for GX version 0.13.26 that also talks about this in more detail here but couldn’t find similar documentation for 0.18.9

I noticed somewhere that the profiling results should be under gx/uncommitted/profiles or similar but can’t find the source right now.
Unfortunately, I don’t have such file/folder in my project and don’t know the syntax/didn’t find a way to create one.

Do you have profiles or similar file(s)/folder in any of your projects? Also, how did you do the profiling? With the Data Assistant maybe?