Version 0.16.10 vs 0.17.11 permission denied

Hello ,
I was using version 0.16.10 and i was not facing this error when i upgraded to 0.17.11
i get this error

great_expectations.exceptions.exceptions.GitIgnoreScaffoldingError: Could not create .gitignore in
because of an error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/airflow/dags/repo/include/great_expectations/.gitignore'

can you please help me out what is different

Hey @lionel so unfortunately we haven’t fully tested GX with Airflow for official support yet, so it’s difficult for us to track down exact reasons for these errors.

Overall, the error message you’re encountering indicates that there’s a permission issue while trying to create a .gitignore file in the specified directory. This is likely due to insufficient permissions for the user or process attempting to create the file.

Here are a few steps you can try to take to resolve this issue:

  1. Check Permissions: Make sure the user or process running the code has the necessary write permissions in the specified directory (/opt/airflow/dags/repo/include/great_expectations/). You might need to adjust the permissions on the directory using commands like chmod if you’re on a Unix-like system.
  2. User Permissions: If you’re running the code as a specific user, ensure that the user has the appropriate permissions to write to the directory. You might need to use sudo or elevate the user’s privileges if needed.
  3. Virtual Environment: If you’re using a virtual environment, ensure that the environment has the necessary permissions to create files in the specified directory.

Let me know if these suggestions help at all. Thanks