Where you can contribute

We are very fortunate to have an amazing community of contributors with Great Expectations and have thanked them with some sweet mugs (image below) and we would love to keep adding people to that community. So here are a couple ways you can help:

There are several Expectations that have been implemented for pandas, but not yet for SQL or Spark

You can see the list here: http://docs.greatexpectations.io/en/latest/reference/implemented_expectations.html#implemented-expectations

It would be amazing if you could flip N’s to Y’s

Some of these will be quick to develop; others might be harder

Within SQLalchemy, each dialect (e.g. MySQL vs MariaDB vs SQLServer, etc) needs specific logic to create temporary tables.

If you’re game to set up test instances of various DBs, fleshing out that logic would be really helpful.

If you plan on contributing please do not hesitate to contact any of us (@abe, @Eugene Mandel, @James Campbell, @taylor) for help to unblock you in anyway!

If you have yet to receive your mug please ping @Kyle Eaton on Slack with the corresponding PR