Yml File

Hi Guys,

Im getting started with GE . I have installed this library and trying to look into the results of the validation check. I found that results are getting stored in the validation result store but unable to access that . I also want to know where will the yml file be located.

I have done all the above in windows / jupyter notebook. Im following the below page Quickstart | Great Expectations

Hi @Ajith your validations will be stored under your_project_folder → great_expectations → uncommitted → validations.

Your yaml will be stored under the root of your project folder.

But this is if you’re using a file data context.

So for instance:

import great_expectations as gx
import os 
from great_expectations.data_context import FileDataContext

base = os.getcwd()

path_to_empty_folder = base + "/my_gx_project/"

context = FileDataContext.create(project_root_dir=path_to_empty_folder)

running the context line will generate the gx folder, this example being “my_gx_project”