Can I expect Code Completion and Documentation in my IDE?

When I am using GE in my IDE (IntelliJ, Python) can I expect Intellisense / Code Completion and Documentation?

I can use GE in my IDE and it runs fine, but no hints or documentation pops up. This makes Great Expectations not so great to use.

No documentation shows when hoovering over expect_column_to_exist.

As I can only embed a single image I can not upload a picture where you can see the code completion failing, but if I try to access the member/properties of x, I see only the most generic ones like main, not and par; and not any of the expect_....

I was asked in Slack to open this topic because it was not discussed before.

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@Bas Yes, code completion and documentation works, at least I see it in Jupyter notebooks and in PyCharm. Which version of GE are you using and how you installed it?