Evaluation Parameter Null Return Behavior

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is a normal GX behavior to raise evaluation parameter error of “No value found” when the supposed parameter return value is null ?

My current use case is that it gets the mean value from another expectation suite for comparison. My Checkpoint test works if there are values in the column since there is an actual numerical mean however if the values are Null it will resort to that error.

Hey @ktc1016 ! Thanks for reaching out.

Would you be willing to raise a GitHub Issue detailing the behavior you’re seeing here, as well as what behavior you’d expect to see here instead? That will help us to better review functionality in this area.

Sure! Here’s the link to the Github issue I created. I updated some values so that it is much easier to reproduce on your end since the code of the screenshot above is a bit more complex. Do let me know if this is considered normal behavior for GX. Thanks.