Great expectations assistance onboarding not working as expected

Hi ,
We are using the latest 0.18.7 GX version. Currently the code is suggesting only 2 expectations (expect_table_row_count_to_be_between & expect_table_columns_to_match_set) after updating to the below code. Previously it used to suggest more than 20 checks. Could you please let us know if we are missing something.
import great_expectations as gx

context = gx.get_context()

my_connection_string = f"snowflake://{sfUser}:{sfPassword}@{ACCOUNT_NAME_OR_LOCATOR}/{sfDatabase}/{sfSchema}?warehouse={sfWarehouse}&role={sfROLE}"

datasource_name = “my_snowflake_datasource”
datasource = context.sources.add_snowflake(

asset_name = “my_query_asset”
query = “select * from bdaas_conformed.loan_monthly_cnfrmd where p_process_date_n = 20231121”
query_asset = datasource.add_query_asset(name=asset_name, query=query)

data_asset = context.get_datasource(datasource_name).get_asset(asset_name)

batch_request = data_asset.build_batch_request()

data_assistant_result =

expectation_suite = data_assistant_result.get_expectation_suite(

expectation_suite=expectation_suite, discard_failed_expectations=False

import json
import pandas as pd
from collections import OrderedDict
for i in result_json[“expectations”]:
result_json_subset = OrderedDict(sorted(i.items()))

df_res = pd.DataFrame(new_list)

Hi @alekya, thanks for reaching out! Without knowing the specifics of your data, it would be difficult to tell what might have specifically changed that would cause the Data Assistants to suggest different or fewer expectations. However, please bear in mind that there is constant ongoing development here. In fact, you may have missed our blog post that announced we will actually be removing Data Assistants altogether as part of version 1.0. There will be new ways to profile your data though, so look out for that!

All that being said, if you believe a bug has been recently introduced, please feel free to create an issue and we will investigate further. Thanks!