The 'great_expectations datasource new' command is not working

Good morning. The ‘great_expectations datasource new’ command does not work on GX version 0.18.0 on Windows 11. My Python version is Python 3.12.2. I completed the installation without any errors. When I run the command, I receive this message: C:\Users\fabio\teste\great_expectations>great_expectations datasource new
The command datasource does not exist.
Please use one of: [‘checkpoint’, ‘datasource’, ‘docs’, ‘init’, ‘project’, ‘store’, ‘suite’]
Usage: great_expectations [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
Try ‘great_expectations --help’ for help.

Error: No such command ‘datasource’.

Hey @fabio, thanks for reaching out.

The CLI for Great Expectations has been deprecated since May 01, 2023, and will not support latest versions of GX. We recommend taking a look at the most recent guidance for using latest versions of GX.

If you are unable to upgrade to these workflows, you will need to downgrade your version of GX to be <=0.15.42.

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Thank you. The documentation indeed states that GX usage should be with Python version 3.8 up to 3.11. Version 3.12 is not yet supported. Thank you very much.