GX Quickstart View Validation Result Not Working

I am using Windows and when running the quickstart code, browser opened but validation result page did not open. Attached is a screenshot of the quickstart code. I am using PyCharm to run this code.

Hi @merctchung this is an issue specific to Windows, as GX doesn’t officially support Windows. There is a slack discussion in our slack community here that talks about this problem and solution: Slack

Essentially, you’ll have a data docs URL that looks like this: /great_expectations/uncommitted/data_docs/local_site/validations%5Cexpectation_suite_name%5C__none_ %5C20230623T162503.605065Z% 5Cmy_asset.html

You need to replace “%5c” with “/”

Hi HaebichanGX,

I am specifically talking about the quickstart code where I don’t see any folder/html file(s) created, and not seeing any URL to modify. Also, what is the OS environment or tool to run the GX code?