How I can add a data_source given an already existing SQLAlchemy engine rather than creating a data_source from a connection_string???

I am using 18.3 GX and trying to set up an SQL datasource using an existing SQLAlchemy connection. I have an SQLAlchemy connection created with an impyla connection to a Hive database that has parameters that cannot be put in a connection string. This used to work with 15.x GX:
from great_expectations.datasource import SqlAlchemyDatasource

datasource_name = "my_existing_datasource"

and afterward I could use datasource named “my_existing_datasource” without a problem. 18.3 GX no longer has SqlAlchemyDatasource. Can this be done in 18.3 GX???

Hi @JeffreyHorn unfortunately no I believe with newer Fluent Data Source versions…I can double check just in case