June Community Roundup

Check out the June GX Community Meeting video, featuring product roadmap updates, GX Cloud Slack alerts, the new Expectations Gallery, and more.

00:00 Welcome & agenda
01:25 Community celebration & announcement
03:44 Product roadmap updates
12:21 Agent versioning and release process
15:01 Move batch definition demo
18:48 GX Cloud Slack alerts
27:44 Expectations Gallery
40:24 Upcoming workshops
41:50 Closing notes

:sparkles: Community Contributors :sparkles:

I want to give a special shoutout to this month’s top community contributors! These are all people who have been helping out in the Discourse and Slack community and answering each other’s questions:

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To present at a future community meeting, ping me! We’re always looking for users who want to show off something they’ve done with GX.

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