What’s new in GX Cloud

:sunny:We’ve started off summer at GX with a whole bunch of new features for you to try out! :partying_face:

:alarm_clock: Create Slack notifications directly in the GX Cloud interface so you can see, share, and discuss the results of your validations in the Slack channel of your choice!

:world_map: Get a better Expectation experience with improved browsing, filtering, and search features for Expectations, which is especially helpful because we’ve also added…

:heavy_plus_sign:More Expectations! We’ve added new Expectations for data integrity, distribution, and other issue types—with more on the way!

And don’t forget about the new Expectations Gallery, where a better user experience puts more information at your fingertips.

You can learn more about these features in the June 2024 product update on the GX blog!