The new GX Expectations Gallery is here!

You asked, we listened! We’ve been collecting feedback and are thrilled to announce a new Expectations Gallery. With better usability from start to finish, it’s easier to navigate and offers comprehensive usage and implementation details.What’s new?

  • Improved search and filter: Our overhauled functionality is more intuitive and includes additional filtering capabilities by data quality issue type.
  • Faster updates: We’re developing a process to ensure updated information reaches the gallery quicker.
  • Curated Expectations: We’ve started the new gallery with 47 of the most widely used and best-supported Expectations, based on consistent feedback that the old gallery’s volume was overwhelming.
  • Samples and examples: Each Expectation’s detail now includes sample data and example pass/fail cases.

Check out the new Expectations Gallery and enjoy a better way to build your validations.We want your feedback: Have ideas or feedback about the new gallery? Let us know in the gx feedback category.