Problems with GX on S3

Hello, im using GX 0.17.7 and im having a problem when doing a

After stating all my checkpoints and doing a SimpleCheckpoint, everything is saved fine in my S3 instance, but when running it seems as GX switches up the name of the previous result;

Its saved as
But its looking for

So it somehow switches the dot (.) for a slash (/) so it gives me the following error:
InvalidKeyError: Unable to retrieve object from TupleS3StoreBackend with the following Key: expectations/default/none/20230807T122139/009641Z/default_pandas_datasource-#ephemeral_pandas_asset.json

How do i fix it?

Hey @Fumobix! Thanks for reaching out. What environment are you running GX from?

Hello! Im using python 3.9
Thanks for your time

Hi @Fumobix,

It looks like there may be a bug here. Can you please open a github issue with the following link and fill out the details so that we can investigate this further?