SimpleCheckpoints do not work in GX Cloud

Previous Slack user message:

Hi Team. I got an error when I try to run the checkpoints: JSONDecodeError: Expecting ‘,’ delimiter: line 1214 column 23 (char 34340). I think that the problem should be from GX system. I appriciate for your help.

import great_expectations as gx import datetime from great_expectations.cli.datasource import sanitize_yaml_and_save_datasource, check_if_datasource_name_exists from great_expectations.core.batch import Batch, BatchRequest, RuntimeBatchRequest from great_expectations.core.yaml_handler import YAMLHandler from great_expectations.checkpoint import SimpleCheckpoint

context = gx.get_context()...

hi, sorry you’re having issues with this. I see you’re trying to use a SimpleCheckpoint - that type of Checkpoint isn’t supported by GXCloud. I recommend you delete that checkpoint, and add your expectation suite to a standard Checkpoint.