Slack guidelines

The Great Expectations Slack is designed to provide a quick and efficient way for community members to ask questions, share ideas, connect with each other, and receive support from both GX staff and other users. This guide outlines an overview of the available slack channels and their uses, tips for asking questions in the slack, and additional guidelines to keep in mind when interacting in the slack.

To ensure that GX community spaces remain a positive and productive environment for all members, we have developed this GX Community Code of Conduct to outline the standards of behavior and communication we expect from all members.

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Slack channels

Below are the different slack channels in which the community can ask questions, stay up-to-date on GX updates, and interact with one another.

Channel name Description
#announcements :mega: Updates and news from the Great Expectations team! Have something you think is announcement worthy? DM Josh Zheng. Posts are read-only; non-Admins may comment on the thread of an announcement.
#chitchat :speech_balloon: A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you’d prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels. Memes also acceptable. :sunglasses:
#contributing :star2: For previous, current and prospective contributors to talk about potential contributions and to help each other with contributions.
#data-quality-discussions :speech_balloon: A space for posing questions and starting discussions around data quality, GX, or industry trends.
#events :spiral_calendar_pad: A space for sharing and discussing upcoming events in the data space!
#gx-cloud-beta-support (:lock: private) :raising_hand: A place for questions from users with early access to Great Expectations Cloud during the beta period. This is a private channel. If you are a beta user and have not been added to this channel yet, please let us know.
#gx-community-support :raising_hand: Ask questions after reviewing docs, discourse, & this How to Get Your Questions Answered post.
#gx-feedback :bulb: Have ideas or feedback related to the product or the GX documentation? Let us know here!
#gx-releases :newspaper: Announcements about GX releases! Only the GX team are meant to post in this channel. Non-Admins may comment on the thread of an announcement.
#gx-share :sparkles: Discussion about GX-related projects: from code snippets and techniques to blog posts and videos. If you have a GX related project you’d like to show off, or stumble onto something cool you’d like to share, this is the place to share it!
#integration-airflow Discussions related to the Great Expectations Airflow provider and running GE in Airflow
#integration-partners :handshake: A place for our ecosystem partners to coordinate and collaborate with us.
#introductions :wave: Welcome to the community; introduce yourself here!
#job-board :technologist: Looking to hire someone in the GX community? Post your job here.
#tools-and-services :wrench: Let us know about cool tools and services. Note: too much self-promotion can lead to your message being deleted and a warning. See Promoting Products or Services section below for more information.

Temporary channels

Additionally, we may occasionally create channels that are meant to be temporary. Below are examples of temporary channels that would be archived after their intended use has passed:

Channel name Description
#event-(event-name) If there is a lot of interest from our community in an event (e.g. an upcoming data conference), we may create temporary event-specific channels for community members going to connect before and during the event.

Asking questions in Slack

Where to ask

If you’d like to ask for help in slack, please do so in the #gx-community-support channel (for OSS support) or the #gx-cloud-beta-support channel (for cloud support).

Things to do before asking a question

Try and solve the problem; your efforts will help us more easily answer the question. A good place to start would be to:


As of today, the core GX team is based solely in the United States but the community is world wide. If you post in off hours be patient, Someone will get back to you once the sun comes up.

Avoid posting same question in multiple channels

If you are unsure where to ask, please post in #gx-community-support and worst-case scenario a team member will move it to the correct channel. Posting the same question to two or more channels does not get your question answered any faster; it does, however, create more work for us. Duplicate questions will be deleted by our team.

Use threads

If you have multiple messages to post on the same topic, please use Slack’s Reply in thread feature. Publishing multiple channel-level posts for the same question makes it harder to keep track of what needs to be answered.

Use public channels, not private groups or private messages:

Slack is about communication, so use public channels whenever possible. This is good for transparency, but also keeps the community vibrant and alive. You also have an opportunity to help someone else who might find your conversation helpful or encouraging. We discourage the use of Direct Messaging to our staff for the sake of seeking support. Please use the public channels. If you believe your question has not gotten attention, either ask the question again or re-share the question to the same channel.

Promoting products or services

At GX, we believe that our community spaces should be primarily focused on promoting engagement, collaboration, and learning among developers interested in data quality and data management using our product. While we welcome members to share their successes and showcase their work in our Share category, we ask that members limit the amount of self-promotion and marketing within the community. This helps to ensure that our community remains a space for constructive discussion and sharing of knowledge, rather than a platform for sales pitches or advertisements. By keeping the amount of promotions in the community space low, we can foster a more authentic and meaningful community experience for all members.

If you are promoting your own tools and services, please abide by the following rules.

  1. You’re allowed to;

    • Promote your tool ONLY in #tool_and_service or when you introduce yourself in #introductions.
    • Promote your tool in the tools channel once. Beyond answering questions about the tool multiple postings may be viewed as excessive and receive a warning.
    • Mention your tool if someone mentions or is organic to a solution.
  2. If you see a partnership opportunity with Great Expectations please DM @Josh Zheng. We would love to create collaborative content and work with you if possible in promoting your product/service.

  3. We will warn you if your promotion becomes excessive or not aligned with our code of conduct. If continued the result could end in you being removed from the slack community.

  4. No Soliciting. Do not cold DM our users to promote your product. If we receive a valid soliciting complaint about you, we will remove you from the community.

  5. Have any questions about our promotional rules or want to run what you plan to share by us? DM Ruben Orduz or Kyle Eaton

We appreciate your help in upholding these guidelines, and we encourage you to reach out to our user support team if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for being a part of the GX Community Spaces!