Discourse Guidelines

The Great Expectations Discourse is a place for community members to ask questions, share ideas, and receive support from both GX staff and other users. It’s where the majority of focused Q&A about GX happens. This guide outlines an overview of the available Discourse categories and their uses, tips for asking questions in the slack, and additional guidelines to keep in mind when interacting in the forum.

Discourse categories

Below are the different discourse topics in which the community can ask questions, stay up-to-date on GX updates, and interact with one another.

Category name Description
Announcements :mega: Updates and news from the Great Expectations team! Have something you think is announcement worthy? Message @joshzheng. Only admins can post in this section.
GX OSS support :raised_hand: Ask questions after reviewing docs, searching in Discourse, & checking out this How to get your questions answered post. By posting your questions here, others can benefit from the support you and others receive.
GX Cloud Beta support :raised_hand: A place for questions from users with early access to Great Expectations Cloud during the beta period.
Share :sparkles: Discussion about GX-related projects: from code snippets and techniques to blog posts and videos. If you have a GX-related project you’d like to show off, or stumble onto something cool you’d like to share, this is the place to do it!
Feedback :bulb: Ideas or feedback on anything GX related goes here. This includes the GX product, documentation, community spaces, and anything else under the GX umbrella.
Archive :file_cabinet: Discussions that are no longer relevant. Posts remain visible as part of the permanent record, but can’t receive replies.

Asking questions in Discourse

Where to ask

If you’d like to ask for help in discourse, please do so in the GX OSS support category (for OSS support) or the GX Cloud Beta support category (for Cloud support).

Things to do before asking a question

Try and solve the problem: knowing what doesn’t work will help us answer your question more quickly. Good places to start are:

Community code of conduct

To ensure that GX community spaces remain a positive and productive environment for all members, we have developed this GX Community Code of Conduct to outline the standards of behavior and communication we expect from all members.


If you see a problem, flag it

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply—just flag it. Acknowledging the bad behavior encourages it. Just flag it. When enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention. (The exception: if you see behavior that is actively endangering someone, please DM @joshzheng in addition to flagging.)

Powered by you

This site is operated by your friendly local GX team and you, the community. If you have any feedback about how things should work here, open a new topic in the feedback category and let’s discuss!

Terms of use

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