Unable to connect to datasource due to missing configVariableError

Hi all,

I am trying to connect to my MS SQL Server with a connection string, but it is not working. I have the write credentials but I keep getting the error: saying that a config variable ‘word’ is not defined. I don’t have a word variable anywhere. See attached image.

I am using Windows 10 and working with python in Pycharm IDE.

My connection string is referencing the config_variables.yml and looks like this:

import great_expectations as gx

context = gx.get_context()

connection_string = "mssql+pyodbc://'${USERNAME}':'${PASSWORD}'@'${HOST}':'${PORT}'/'${DATABASE}'"
datasource = context.sources.add_sql(name='mw_datasource', connection_string=connection_string)

Please advise!

Hey @gmiguel ! Thanks for reaching out. Just to verify, if you utilize a different key substitute your password (something like ${PWD} for example), do we continue to see this behavior?

Yes it still does not work. I realized that the ‘word’ error was due to mistyping one of the key:value pairs. However, I still am unable to connect. Is there a way for me to define an MSSQL datasource in the great_expectations.yml?