Using beta expectation expect_column_values_geometry_to_overlap and geospatial package


I am on Mac OS in a conda environment, experimenting with GX in a jupyter notebook. I have great_expectations and great_expectations_geospatial_expectations installed and imported as packages. I’ve run tests (like the quickstart) with great_expectations, and I have had no issues.

I am trying to run the expectation expect_column_values_geometry_to_overlap (and other geospatial expectations) on a PandasDataset object I converted from a pandas dataframe. I know the geospatial expectations are in beta, and some of the specifics of its use (like the lack of documentation on the parameters) are unclear. So, I was running a small scale test on one of the expectations in the packages to clarify its usability.

When I run my_df.expect_column_values_geometry_not_to_overlap(column="geometry"),I receive the error ‘PandasDataset’ object has no attribute ‘expect_column_values_geometry_not_to_overlap’.’

For context, my_df is a PandasDataset with an id column and a geometry column, and I instantiate it with the line my_df = gx.from_pandas(pd_df)

I am unsure how to reconcile this–whether it be through syntax or manual changes to the packages or files. Any advice?