Emailing Validation Results

Hello, the GE validation results are stored in HTML. We are sending the html file as attachment to email. In the office Outlook double-clicking the attached HTML file opens browser and the file looks OK. But if I open attached validation results on the iPhone the “Status” column does not show the “checked green circle” or “failure red cross”. Is there a way to output plain text (“Success”/“Failed”) for the status instead of fancy icons that don’t show up on the iPhone attachment?

More generally, should there be an “email friendly” output from great-expectations? Mainly being able to “embed” validation results in email, instead of using attachments?

Thank you

Good question! The individual html files are meant to be served as part of a site. Because the individual file does not have access to the other files needed (CSS, icons, etc) it won’t render as expected.

However, I very much like the idea of a plain text data report and actually built that for a client (which for legal reasons could not be open sourced).

Would you mind opening this up as a new issue on GitHub so we can track interest there?

In the absense of this being built in you could relatively easily intercept the ValidationOperatorResult object and loop over the suites statuses in the results using the list_validation_results() method on the object and generate a plain text snippet.

We created GitHub issue for this:

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